FÖDA is 12.

February 11 we turned 12.
Cheers to current crew and FÖDA alumni alike for making over a decade of design possible.

Role call: Dale Wallain, Tom Ahn, Stephanie Leung, Heather Neumann, Alice May Du, Rob Bode, Meryl Vedros, Bree alumni Lesley Taylor, Emily Sawtelle Erdmann, Kevin Taylor, Melissa Martin, Sean Lopano, Sissy Hobizal, Bexie Nobles, Michele Nelson, JR Crosby, Sarah Bartholow, alumni Interns Caspar Lam, Sheerin Vatankah, Claire Zimowski, Ray Delgadillo, Brandon Gamm and a cast of clients, friends and family simply too long to list.

Our deepest gratitude. Here’s to 12 more.

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Woven, Together.

Our re-brand for MadisonLily came online in October. A massive inventory shoot and ad campaign was shot guerrilla style with Nick Simonite on their show room floor, hitched to a meticulous identity system.

“Woven, Together™” can be seen now on their site and in ads all over Houston. We’ll share the bulk of the campaign later this spring.

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OohlaBean 2015

OohlaBean (yes, ooh-la-bean) is now open in Driftwood, Texas under the guidance and hospitality of Robin Garrison.

You can get ahead of the pack and call to book a room or a wedding now, full website with online reservation system comes on-line in March.

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Seattle Caviar Company

For 24 years Dale & Betsy Sherrow have been bringing the best in sustainable caviar stock to their shop in the Emerald City; sharing it with their fans in the Pacific Northwest, shipping nationally.

FÖDA has rebuilt their e-commerce and identity, giving them a site that matches the quality of their product and warmth of their personality. Visit from your phone or desktop and splurge.

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