Sustainable Food Center Chef Series



Austin’s finest chefs will be coming together at La Condesa to benefit The Sustainable Food Center of Austin. The event features chefs Paul Qui and Jorge Hernandez of Qui, Shawn Cirkiel and Justin Rupp of Parkside, Olive & June & Backspace, Alexis Chong of Sway, Rick Lopez of La Condesa, and more.


Vaca y Vino

Vaca y Vino returns again this year to Bridges Ranch. The Argentine-inspired celebration of beef, wine, music, the outdoors, and our South American Roots is one weekend only and proceeds benefit the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. Sunday, April 6, 2014 at The Bridges Ranch at Wimberley, TX.


Make, Do, & Mend: BFA Seniors 2014

Seniors receiving their BFA in Design this spring from the University of Texas, College of Fine Arts open their senior show at the UT Visual Arts Center here in Austin, tonight March 28th.

These soon-to-be-alumni studied Images in Communication with FÖDA Creative Director Jett Butler during their Junior Year and had him as their Advisor for their Terminal Project. Join us to celebrate! 
*Image Credit: Sheerin Vatankah, “Self-Image”



Our collaboration with Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, Michael Yates, Keith Kreeger, and Shawn Cirkiel is complete: CH∆VEZ is now open at the Radisson, Austin.

A thorough study in pattern language led us to hybridize letters as glyphs, re-imagining Mesoamerican textile and pottery motifs for the brand of this southwestern style, light flooded, poolside, lake view, restaurant.

Join us for bat watching and a margarita.



We’re hiring provocateurs who read Bringhurst for pleasure, designers who believe the idea is a machine that makes the art. In mediums from pixels to pulp, rebar to RGB, cotton to code; if you’d never shag sheep, this is your opportunity.