This time last year we were in Berlin doing research for Vertskebap. Though bitter cold, wish we could be back there tonight to see the Lichtegrenze release into the air for Mauerfall.

Our Creative Director captured this image of the model at Bernauer Straße memorial. Cheers, Freunde.


SFC Chef Series

Autumn leaves are falling on swayเสวย to benefit Sustainable Food Center of Austin. For the fifth year in a row (and marking our ninth contribution in support of the SFC Chef Series) we took after the chefs, doing some making of our own, and enlisted the talent of Nick Simonite to capture the results, mid-fall. Join us as we stuff our faces with the autumn harvest from local farms and providers, transformed by the best chefs around including our pal Steve McHugh, up from Cured at Pearl in San Antonio!


Published in Fork & Knife

We’re honored to have two of our hospitality projects included in Fork & Knife published by one of our favorites, Gestalten. The book is very well curated, and includes work by some of our favorite peers like Anagrama in Mexico City and Heydays in Oslo, or our neighbors here in Austin, L A N D.

Cheers & bon appétit!


Virginia is for Lectures

In 1966 Sharon Pattie enrolled in art school and Wayne Butler entered business school; both at Virginia Commonwealth University. Graduating in 1970 and married that same year, they embarked on a lifetime of wanderlust, art and love.

Next week their son—and our Creative Director—will travel to the halls of VCU some 44 years later to lead a 2 day lecture and workshop on design and the importance of origin stories.


The Highest Point on the Gold Coast

Aurora is a 4 floor penthouse by award winning architect Blainey North, floating above Gold Coast in Queensland. Located atop SOUL, the residence is hundreds of feet above the rolling sea of Surfer’s Paradise. Literal ‘high design‘.

Ms North called it an auroral corniche. We dubbed it AURORA, developing a limited edition book to celebrate the penthouse for those who might wish to invest in this singular home.

*Full documentation to follow.