Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

A reductive identity indulging texture to express the name, mark and family history of one of the preeminent, modernist architects in Austin.

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Assist Michael Hsu Design Office to transition to a new name and a revised identity.


Naming Consultation
Brand Valuation
Identity Design
Art Direction


Creative Director: Jett Butler
Design Team: Jett Butler, Sissy Emmons and Emily Sawtelle, Letterpress by Sarah Wymer at Studio SloMo

The seal [or yìn] is his family name, from a marble block given to him by his father.
The Hànzì characters in this worn marble, while beautiful, were updated in a clean and completely redrawn logogram.

Prototyping the pieces of the seal for use in the job site sign.

Print matter runs a double letterpress with only one yin inked,
the rest left pressed for the sake of texture.

The ‘ffi’ in ‘Office’ was set with a custom ligature flawlessly designed by Sissy Emmons,
based on Tschichold’s forms.

Arguably one of the cleanest, most delicate site signs to come from our office, 8’x4’ in scale.