AR09: The FÖDA Annual Report

The FÖDA Studio AR09 is an act of optimism and it’s the keeping of promises: solidarity, collaboration, authenticity.

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Celebrate an infamous year with our first ever Annual Report.


Data Analysis


Creative Director: Jett Butler
Design Team: Jett Butler, Melissa Martin and Sissy Emmons

Each copy of the Annual Report is numbered and embossed by hand.

Posters created to promote the FÖDA AR09.
Left: The ‘gravity off tilt to the right’ remix of the rings.
Right: Ordered rings delineating colors used by project in 2009.

Four quarters of the business year, Q, QQ, etc at each quarter of the rings set.

Coffee Consumption by designer.

Diagram of collaborators.

Left: Color trending over the year.
Right: Detail of Client Industry diagram.

Excerpt of our Toward a Manifesto with multi-lingual translations.

Client Profile: Mark Odom Studio.

Client Profiles
Left: Webber+Studio
Right: I-35 Makeover Project for the City of Austin in conjunction with Cotera+Reed Architects.

Color usage by project, percentage and duration.