Madrone Landscape Architecture

This understated brand and identity system will literally take root with his clients.

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Jon Ahrens is a quiet man that reshapes the earth into more perfect, idealized visions of what nature might have done.


Brand Consultancy
Identity Design
Contextual Research
Content Generation


Creative Director: Jett Butler

Design Team: Jett Butler, Melissa Martin and Sissy Emmons

Website Coding: Caspar Lam

Front side of the letter-pressed business card.

The business cards and brand announcements for Madrone are completely compost-able
and made with native Texas seeds that will sprout with a little earth and water.

Once wet, the paper and ink begin to break down, creating a pulp that aids
in feeding the seeds as they begin to take root.

Left: Jon Ahrens’s boots
Right: Madrone brochure

Featured photography by FÖDA Studio

Landscape photography by FÖDA Studio.

Madrone portfolio website designed by FÖDA Studio.

The Madrone print system includes business cards, envelopes,
letterhead, brand announcements, and thank you cards.

Detail of Madrone’s letter-pressed brand announcement–you can
see the texture of the seeds embedded in the paper.

Left: The Madrone LDC pattern is an original pattern designed specifically for Madrone.
It exists in a constant state of flux —it may be read as growing or receding—reflecting
the natural cycle of growth and dormancy in nature.

Right: Duncan Cooper

Detail of the letter-pressing on the brand announcements.

Close up of the Madrone LDC pattern.

Our process.