Perla's Seafood and Oyster Bar

Preppy seafood doesn’t demand a highly intellectual approach, preppy seafood demands a feel.

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East Coast Nantucket Fishcamp + West Coast Surf Club = Preppy Seafood.


Brand Development
Identity Design
Operational Items


Creative Director: Jett Butler
Design Team: Jett Butler, Melissa Martin,
Sissy Emmons, and Emily Sawtelle
Restaurant Photography: Casey Dunn

The handmade Perla’s script logo (a first for FÖDA) was based on Jett’s handwritten script.

Right: Oversize menus for shy diners, with a focus on large, legible, and easy to read typography.

Logo set in hexagonal tile.

Left: We only made three overt sea allusions in this identity, and even then they are subtle. Here, the oyster shell
texture becomes a line art motif in the matchbooks, and is then embossed into the pearlescent business card.
Right: Open channel lettering blows up the quirky “P” in Perla’s script logo.

Left: Our favorite German (FÖDA Studio’s mascot) enjoying his first crawfish.
Right: Poster promoting Perla’s 2nd Annual Crawfish Boil.

Following the creation of the script for the logo, we looked for other places to use the script where it wouldn’t be
cumbersome to the overall identity system. The hot sauce bottle (with anchor in the “t”) felt like just the spot.

Left: Matchbooks and cards at entry. 
Right: Matchbook as oyster, illustration.

Menus, koozies, hotsauce, and a cameo appearance by a shy Modelo.