Berthold Haas

Collaboration is the best part of design.

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Help master mason, sculptor, and artist Berthold Haas to develop a pattern—the Samarkand—for his line of hearths.


General Design


Masonry & Carving: Berthold Haas
Creative Director: Jett Butler
Pattern Design and Deconstruction: Jett Butler and Caspar Lam
Production Design: Melissa Martin and Sissy Emmons

Left: The Samarkand Prototype in Berthold Haas’ shop.
Right: One of the original rosettes from our studio from which the
pattern was generated. This is one of over 47 patterns, many with sub-variations.

Detail of the deconstructed pattern. The non-symmetrical pattern always diverges
just before it can be rationalized, a trademark of stars and rosette patterns, as well as
kite and dart pattern combinations or others using keyed match points.

Left: Close up. Note Mr. Haas’ accuracy.
Right: Limestone stacked at the bodega.

Detail. Smooth ground finish compared to rough inset finished by hand.