South Texas Jazz

Handing the client the keys, this brand is a dynamic system that allows for variation, improvisation, and expansion. We designed the system, the client creates the parts they need.

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Create a brand identity for a south Texas jazz collaborative that performs under various monikers with different size ensembles.


Brand Development
Identity Design


Creative Director: Jett Butler
Design Team: Jett Butler, Emily Sawtelle with assistance from Melissa Martin
*Featured on Communication Arts, 2012
*Awarded 3rd Place, Brand Identity, AIGA Texas Show Biennial, 2012

Infinite variations of color, location, and overlap are possible
with each of the ‘modes’ created by the S, T, and J forms.

A simple diagrammatic summary of the system.

The graphic standards lay out exact relationships based on a whole triangle,
5ths of a triangle, 10ths of a triangle, etc. Typography carries specific
rules of weight and case for the client to follow.

St Vincent & The Grenadines.
*The visual identity holds when the ensemble or name changes.