Brand & Identity

Violet Crown Cinema

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Create a brand and identity coordinated with architectural and operational items for Austin’s newest art film Cinéma.


Brand Development
Identity Design
Contextual Research
Logos & WordMarks
Site Specific Art
Architectural Rendering


Creative Director: Jett Butler
Design Team: Jett Butler, Emily Sawtelle and Melissa Martin
*Featured in Communication Arts, 2012
*Awarded 1st Place, Brand Identity, AIGA Texas Show Biennial, 2012

The design team was asked to reference “golden age of film” deco motifs. However, as a
contemporary art film cinéma, we suggested deconstructing a hybrid of Bauhaus, De Stijl,
Dadaist & Constructivist precedents versus the well worn deco path.

Violet Crown website and details of the components.
Notice O’Henry finally makes an appearance in one
of the graphics, but with a lone star in his eye of course.

Logo & Menu for the Bar & Cafe, 2nd edition (the first edition had only one martini glass).

The ‘tulip’ logo—as it was not derived from a violet flower—evolved out of creating a unique
proprietary hand painted pattern for the cinéma’s exterior. The symbol was edited later for print
and digital use at smaller scales.

Left: 1 of 9 unique prints created for the cinéma, deconstructing the wordmark.
Right: 2 of 9 unique prints created for the cinéma, a vaguely constructivist pile up.

CINEMA poster, and detail of the print.

See the actual theater experience and environmental graphics here.