Brand & Identity

Fighting Fear

Fluid dynamics: what surfing, fighting, blood, sweat, tears and Richie and Mark have in common. View clips here.

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Create brand, identity, and all graphics for the feature length documentary/drama “Fighting Fear”.


Contextual Research
Logos and Wordmarks


Client: South Sydney Media
Director: Macario De Souza
Creative Director: Jett Butler
Design Team: Dale Wallain & Jett Butler
Motion & Animation: Raphael LaMotta
*1st & 2nd Place, Motion Graphics, AIGA Texas Show 2012

*Still Photography of Ocean Tidal Pools by Jett Butler @ Monterey Bay Aquarium

Variations of the Club Logo:
An extremely simple idea generated from Mark’s crossed
surfboards placed inside Richie’s fighting octagonal ring.

Style Cue for Upper & Lower Thirds throughout the film.

Closing Credits Storyboard Sequence

Night surfing footage filmed in Australia, a first in surf films.

Various data point cues from the film.

Screen grabs.

Closing Credit Storyboard Sequence