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Hamilton&Associates approached FÖDA Studio for their rebrand coincident with the emergence of their architectural division in 2010. An intriguing series of issues made their rebrand one of the more strategically complex we’ve been asked to perform.

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A technical services firm launches an architectural division: on one side, images of burning buildings, on the other, new and shiny architecture. Solve.


Brand Consultancy
Identity Design
Contextual Research
Strategy & Tactics
Logos & WordMarks
Web Design


Creative Director / Designer: Jett Butler 

Code Developer: John Hoysa
Production & Design Assistance: Emily Sawtelle, Kevin Taylor
*Featured on Design Bureau, 2012

The connected conduits and raceways of the ‘H’ make a subtle allusion to electrical engineering diagrams.
Spatial forms are referenced in the folded planes of the ‘A’.
Left: Technical Services seal.  Right: Architectural Division seal.

Helvetica was kept to make a tie to their original brand, but it was reformatted,
title cased, given a custom ligature, and turned into a proper WordMark.

Business cards share a common ‘parent brand’ back but have their divisions labeled graphically on the front.

Seal of the technical services and engineering division, white logo over orange.
The new red/orange is a variation on their original corporate color from the 1980s
modulated against the dark red value that was in place in 2010.

Controlled fire.

That’s right, this card says ‘scientist’.

Left: The new Architectural Division website.
Right: The new Technical Services website.