Identity Design

Composite Architecture

Stack 10 cards to form 3,628,800 vertical composites. Lay them out to make 1 horizontal hypertrochoid guilloché. No, really.

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Design an identity system based on the premise of the Architecture firm’s name and M-Theory: Compose It / Composite.


Identity Design


Client: Composite Architecture
Creative Director: Jett Butler
Principal Designer: Jett Butler
Production Design: Sissy Hobizal
Lasers by BBIITT

Cut through letter forms can be seen from the side.

Stacked vertically—like floors—there are millions of potential combinations.

Ordered in 2 rows of 5 columns, the guilloché pattern emerges.

Laser etched, laser cut, and two passes of serigraphy (opaque white and translucent black).

Each card carries one letter or gesture from the word mark.

A portion of this form is revealed when the cards are laid out horizontally.
[Honestly, we have no idea what to call this form, but it seems like “multi-planar-morphed-hypotrochoid” might apply.
*Or it could be a complex catenoid undergoing an organic helicoidal distortion.

Concept Illustration.

The run wouldn’t be complete without some mini-plaques for us.

Concept Illustration #2.
*Over twenty were created before moving into actual design parameters.